Health Safety & Environment (HSE)

“No job is so important that we can’t take the time to perform it safely.” 

Mike Shavers

ITC Safety

IMPERIAL-TC HSE training solutions are aimed at providing a skilled workforce for our clients in various industries to minimise Health, Safety and Environment associated risks and ensuring regulatory compliance in hazardous environments.

Safe System Of Work

Safe System Of Work / Control Of Work

General Saftey

General Safety

Safety Management

Safety Management

Construction safety 1

Construction Site Safety

environmental & waste managementEnvironmental & Waste Management

Occupational Health & HygieneManagement of Occupational Health and Hygiene

Risk Management2Risk Management Safety in Maintenance1

Safety in Maintenance and Workshop

Safety Leadership

Management & Safety Leadership

fire safety management

Fire Safety Management

land transport management2

Land Transport Management

 HSE Accredited Program

HSE Accredited Programs